6 Students and Their Guides – A Medium – Lots of Questions

Brenna Iset has been a clairvoyant since childhood. Translating information from spirit to humans has become her life’s work. She opens this forum to a group of 6 students that will ask questions to their own Guides. We open the doors to everyone to experience these teachings of the highest Mind of Consciousness, our blessed Guides.

To honor the privacy of the students’ and their family members, pen names have been created: Kwan Yin’s Apprentice, Zesty Zen, Phoenix Rising, Jem, Sarah, and Eyes Of The Mystic.

You may contact Brenna at http://www.brennaiset.com for information on joining the next group of student questioners.

6 Students and Their Guides – A Medium – Lots of Questions




Dear Guides, I am 37 and wanting to start a family but need to find the love of my life, first. I want to create a passionate, healthy, fun, peaceful, abundant relationship ASAP. Are there any blocks to this that you can inform me of? What steps might I take to ensure the result that I desire?

BRENNA AND GUIDES: (Note to the readers, you can tailor these responses to your own life. This reading is not only specific to the Apprentice…..it is applicable to all of you too.)

Greetings Apprentice!

We see your life is moving in a new direction and you are beginning to realize you have the capacity to create. Earth is a planet to learn and advance in creation skills. Once you get the hang of it, you will be the master of your life and continue creating for the rest of your life and beyond. When you desire something, it is as if you are assembling a recipe, check daily if you have all the fresh ingredients in order.

These are the ingredients you desire for your union with a partner in love, do you embody these ingredients?

Passion: Seeing your world through the eyes of passion and affection.

Healthy: Healthy actions in the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your being.

Fun: Creating a fun and lively life.

Peaceful: Peace and tranquility to the mind.

Abundance: Knowing that you have the ability to create enough abundance in every area of your life.

If you are living these qualities, the law of attraction magnetically draws another with the same qualities into your life.

You ask about blocks that you may have. Can you look at the relationship between your own parents? What is it that you do not like about their relationship?

Once you examine these negative points, you will understand your blocks. You can begin to do your spiritual work to transcend these negatives. You may enjoy working with the properties in this classroom video to begin transmuting the karma you have inherited.

What is it that you like about their relationship? These are inherited qualities that you embody. These are like your priceless diamonds. Diamonds are formed under pressure, your family lineage has evolved under karmic pressure to create these positive qualities. These are now jewels for you to freely use to enhance and create your desired circumstances. This positive karma can be transmitted from your heart to draw to you the love of your life.

The science of the Law of Attraction is obvious in Human relationships. You will attract a partner to you that matches your own energetic matrix. Knowing yourself honestly is key. For example: If you feel you cannot move forward through your life on your own and you are looking for someone to motivate or help you to do this, you may attract someone who is the same as you or one who is looking for someone to control. If you feel lonely and unfulfilled in life and desire a partner to fill your void, you may draw someone to you that has the matching emptiness, you may spend all of your time and energy filling up their void and neglecting yours.

Questions you may ask yourself:

What is my motive for attracting my life partner?

What are my thoughts about having a life partnership?

What are my feelings about being in a life partnership?

Now that you understand yourself, you may create a walking meditation to practice daily.
Checking proper motive and proper thoughts to create the life partnership you are desiring. Proper motive and thoughts running through your being as often through the day and night as possible.

A thought can change your whole life. Let’s begin now, imagine there is a very large crystal ball in front of you. As if you were gently gazing, can you begin to make out an image inside the crystal ball? Do you see your favorite image of two people in love? Where are these lovers that you see, are they walking hand in hand on a beach. Are they out to dinner and dancing, are they in front of a romantic fire making love?

You begin to see your own face. is this you and your partner? Can you see your partner’s face? If you cannot see them, can you feel them? What do they feel like? What do they taste like? How do they sound? What is their scent? What do you know about them? How do they treat you? What can you sense about their emotional stability? Do they enjoy their own life?

What do you sense about their past? Can you intuit any wounds from their childhood? How have they grown and evolved from their wounds? Can you sense their capacity to hold love in their own heart or are they dependent upon your love? Are they creative, expanding, and adventurous in their own life?

You notice in the crystal ball that you are sitting together at a small table. Are you both drinking a beverage? You see that you are talking to each other. You realize your partner has a strong and stable skill with prosperity and success. This person Is kind, peaceful, caring and thoughtful. Considerate, compassionate. and emotionally balanced. Passionate, fun and adventurous. You feel the joy rising up in your heart! This person is a quality human being! You see this is the person you have been desiring to be with all of your life. Physically attractive to you in every way. Physically and emotionally healthy. Abundant and resourceful. A great outlook on life and living. What other qualities do you appreciate in your partner?

You begin to talk about your life plans together. What are the two of you excited to create together? A home together, creating a family, travel, etc. Feel the excitement welling up inside of both of you. You look into each others eyes. You share the joy and appreciation that you two have found each other and are going to be best friends and lovers living happily ever after together!

We are here for you if you have any other questions.

In Love and Appreciation for You,

Your Guides and Brenna



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I recently am coming to understand that I have a deep rooted pattern in WORSHIPING the male. When it comes to loveship I no longer am my everything, it is as if I take a step back from knowing the truth of who I am. I judge myself in so many different ways and can lose my sense of self.

I put their energy as the first energy within my world. It’s as if I am living my life with them in my constant flow within the mind, without the male even knowing. I play it cool, yet Inside of me it’s another story.

I would like guidance from my guides to help me connect the dots as a recent traumatic heart break experience has brought me closer to re-understanding that I am a worshiper of the male. I have seen that when something heart breaking occurs from my lover, I disconnect, then I come home to myself. I am important as my main source. I redefine my core values, my voice, my needs and wants it just happens, its as if I finally come out of hiding.

I ask for support on how to completely worship myself. I do in fact want to re program and allow a new form of relationship to come into my life without the patterns of losing my self.

I dream to be completely worshiped and loved by my divine lover. I feel like I have the worshiping down for the male outside of myself so now I want to come in and worship all that I am. To then have a future partnership of two lovers worshiping ones self and then each other. Thank you I am ready to move forward within self worship!

BRENNA AND GUIDES:  Beautiful One, you sound like you are on the right track. Very good question, how do you worship yourself?

In ancient times your human energy systems were programmed not to love yourselves. This was the influence of beings that wanted to create control on this planet for themselves, it never did work out for them. Many humans today are waking up out of the illusion and taking back their own self empowerment and authority.

The young beings as yourself, that are here now on this planet, see right through the illusion. You are opening your Eyes of the Mystic. You see that you really can worship yourself and enjoy being madly in love with yourself. Your influence is helping the older generations awaken and remember who they are too.

As the Wheel of Karma turns; you might feel a nagging pull of your outdated imprints of the past warning you against such egoic behavior as worshiping yourself.

The old teachings of the past may whisper to you; If you do not have a male partner and you are alone there is something wrong with you…you have no worth. Ancient warnings waft up from the depths….women who are independent and self-sufficient are judged and persecuted as being witches, beware and hide your power. 

A women’s worth and survival was dependent on her man. If she would ever dare to leave her man, she most likely would be expelled from the village and put out to starve and perish. Countless tortures and crimes were committed on women that did not obey their man.

Women were closely monitored never to gain their power. Self judgement, shame and guilt were created to control, they are a powerful poison to take down a woman. Guilt, shame and judgement are thieves of light and life, draining the woman of her powers.

There is an empty void that has been created inside of you, this is an imprint that has been passed down to you to by your ancestors. This void was created so you would hunger for a male partner outside of you, this was created by your lineage to keep you safe. It was designed to create a primal yearning, so you would do anything to keep him close to you, to feed your empty chamber of fear. 

We might offer a suggestion for your evolution into freedom. If you could begin to fill this void with your own love, bit by bit, filling yourself up with kindness, encouragement, thoughtfulness, caring, gifting and giving to yourself, creativity, attention and such….the void would be filled and become fertile terrain. You will then begin your ascent into living a life as a fully self empowered woman. 

Once you have filled this void with your own love, this will be a completion of Karma. This new evolved state of consciousness will move through all of your family roots, to the past and to the future generations.

Your generation is the new human coming back to do things right. You have learned from past lifetimes what not to do. You know it is time to love and worship yourselves.

Be aware….the past voices of your inherited karma will sing the old songs of days gone by when the feminine energy was oppressed on this planet. You can send your love to the old ways…..thanking them for the lessons…..and begin to create the new beautiful empowered woman with a bright destiny ahead.

You are free! You can be your own foundation, balanced in the masculine and feminine energies, to be your own true lover. A life of freedom, self governed, self-ruling and sovereign. You will be a magnet of others who are also self empowered. Creating loving, balanced relationships that are not built from need, greed, and bargains.

We are here to assist you in this enlightening journey,

Your Guides and B


Two Questions: Repatterning Eating Habits – Manifest With Kundalini Energy



Yo Brenna and my guides,

I know I eat when I’m in a “negative” space: sooth myself when anxious, add a layer of protection, and also to distract.
But I also eat when I’m excited and feeling good. It feels in the same vibration as the negative eating. Kind of calming? What’s up with that?

BRENNA AND GUIDES:  Sarah, We are pleased to connect with you in this forum,

We see into your situation; the desire to eat when one is not hungry; due to feeling good and excited, is a habit born of tradition. Most of this imprinting and programing stems from the time of childhood, a teaching from your Mother. This was the way to celebrate feeling good and other joyful events in your life.

If it feels like something you would like to change in yourself, you could substitute other ways to celebrate. To change a habit, it takes desire, repetition, focus, encouragement and time.

The medium suggests using the video classroom: 5 Minute Power Meditation For New Futures http://youtu.be/RIuB37ZDNxs

Just like when a baby is weaning off mothers milk. Mother teaches him to substitute a pacifier, or maybe the child begins to suck their thumb or even begins to rock herself it sleep. Soon, nursing is a thing of the past. On and on, as humans grow, they learn to reprogram and repattern their movements all through their life.

You may decide to offer yourself a new alternative pattern. Within a short amount of time your new habit will be established and comfortable to you.

As a note to the readers: We would like to mention there are other reasons some individuals would be drawn to habitually eat when excited or feeling good. Some people may feel the need to comfort themselves with food due to lack of self-worth, guilt and because they feel that they do not deserve to be happy and feeling good. For this issue: the medium recommends the video classroom http://youtu.be/Ed3tgW9R9Rw

We welcome any other questions you would be curious about.

With great Love and respect,

Your Guides and B

Sarah:  I’m jumping in line here but have another question for when it’s my turn. Well lots of questions. 

Brenna was chatting about kundalini manifesting today. My lineage has been blocked there for generations and I’m healing it. But- I’m a pretty good manifestor now so how have I been manifesting? I think I’ve been more in my head and like superman- zeroing in on shit I want. Yes?

Can you tell me more about kundalini manifesting. I have lots of shit I want! Like this crazy cute snoop dog pillow at urban outfitters that is $60 and I want it to go on sale. And some new boots, lots of boots. And a MILF body. But a normal body not the weird ones where the moms look like all they do is workout.

BRENNA:  Kundalini manifesting: Yes!!!!! I Love this question! I will answer it by myself.

First you all will need to find your own way to generate your Kundalini flow to the point of ecstasy.

When the kundalini has reached the point where you see the truth; that you are the same as God/Goddess, then you make the command of what you are ready to create.

You see in your mind’s eye that you will gestate this desire from a womb, it can-but doesn’t have to exist inside your body, it can be outside of you. This is how Gaia created Earth.

After your command, there will be the time of gestation, it will continue to grow in your womb (so to speak). It will be up to you to give it proper nutrition, encouragement, and welcome it into your world.

After your creation is manifest, you can use the energy of appreciation and gratitude to fuel your next creation. On and on, with your joyful heart, you will continue to create whatever you desire, for eternity.

You may enjoy the video classroom  http://youtu.be/Y9XkVQcnV0I

I Love You!


Two Questions: Repatterning Eating Habits – Manifest With Kundalini Energy

Guide map for your life : Navigating mental energy to create success



Jem: When will I really get my freelance design business going again? I see so many moms of young children working, and I feel like I should be able to do it too, but the pull of full-time-mom is so strong, so all-encompassing, (and so exhausting) I don’t know if there’s really time for anything else yet. I feel like it’s on the horizon but get overwhelmed with mom-duties and whatnot.

B and Guides: Jem, we are pleased to connect with you in this forum,

When there are unfulfilled, unfinished desires, goals, dreams, projects, in a human’s aura they can cause a mental, emotional traffic jam. They tend to clog the flow of prana into our chakra vortexes, and create many other energetic discordances.

So you may look honestly at your life, at what truly IS. You said, “but the pull of full-time-mom is so strong, so all-encompassing, (and so exhausting) I don’t know if there’s really time for anything else yet”

We see that these your true feelings and beliefs about your life right now.
You also stated in regards to a new project, that you… “feel like it’s on the horizon but get overwhelmed with mom-duties and whatnot”.

We suggest that you may want to make a guide-map for your life. For example, right now for these few months you will do_____(you fill in the blanks). Then in 6 months you may make a plan to take one design job a week, and so on.

Establish the goal; the reality you want to create, realistically plan for when you will begin the project and when it will come to fruition. Then plan the celebration of your manifestation.

How do you clear the thought-forms of the unfinished projects and goals? One technique would be for you move to a higher consciousness so you aren’t going to be in dialog with the old thought-forms anymore.

We suggest Meditation for at least ten minutes a few times a day. Sit in a comfortable position and just observe your busy thoughts, just observe. You can say, I see you busy mind and I love how you are trying so hard. I love you and I send beautiful light into you now, or have your guides send the light into the busy active mind.

You do not need to do anything else; just watch, allow, rest and let it all be done for you. It does not matter if your mind is still busy after you meditate. Give it about a week and you will notice that you are moving into a higher consciousness. The brain will still be busy at times, but you will begin existing in your higher mind just watching.

The medium recommends the classroom video: Mind Medicine for Challenging Moments in Life

We look forward to you returning to this forum to share your results or any other questions with us.

In Love and Honor for You,  Your Guides and B

Jem: YESS YES YES I LOVE THIS! Wonderful. Totally. Also: I feel like my higher self already knew this but I needed you & the guides to really spell it out in black and white. Onward!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU

Brenna recommends the guided meditation audio “Deep Resonance”.


How can I stop being so judgmental and hard on myself?

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Phoenix Rising: How can I stop being so judgmental and hard on myself? It causes a lot of stress and anxiety which then turns into a vicious cycle of self loathing. How can I stop pushing so hard? (Trying to be a good Mommy, a good partner, a good person, a good business woman)

Also, please add I am always always trying to be a good friend! And I have a lot of judgement on myself because I feel like a lot of my friends think that I have dropped off the face of the earth because I had a baby. And that feeling sucks.

B and Guides: Greetings Phoenix Rising, it is splendid to connect with you here in the forum.

You are learning much about the mechanics of judgement in your lifetime.

Do you remember the ways that your parents exercised judgement in your home when you were a child?

These will be your imprints that you create in your own world today. You will naturally pass imprints on to next generations, like your family before you has, and you will magnetically be creating this in most of your life situations.

How do you demagnetize this vortex of judgement karma?

Lets look at why humans deploy judgement. To create safety. To feel safe from being afraid, fearful, feeling alone, disconnected, shameful, guilt-ridden.

Why are humans full of fear and feel disconnected to Source? It started with a thought, a belief that they were separate from Source. However: it is quite the contrary.

It is most probable, if you reprogram the imprint of “being afraid, fearful, feeling alone, disconnected, shameful, guilt-ridden”, you will create a new magnetic pull to you. Your world will be experienced in a whole new bright perspective.

You may want to examine all the ways that you could cultivate unconditional love towards your own self. If you are bright with Love towards yourself, you will transcend the negative imprints you have inherited from your family.

Ask yourself, can I love myself if __________ ? (and you fill in the blanks) some examples would be, can I love myself if I am overweight, unorganized, messy or in a bad mood? If the answer is no, you may want to begin to offer unconditional love to yourself.

If a one could begin to unconditionally love everything about their own self, that love will shine forth to all of their energy bodies. They will notice that their life feels brighter and lighter. The whole life will change becoming more harmonious. It all starts with loving yourself without conditions.

We do hope you feel free to reply if you have any more questions on this subject,
B and the Guides

Brenna suggests exploring the guided meditation called “EMOTIONAL CLEANSING: 7 Minutes For Daily Relief http://youtu.be/jXV1LoaP-cQ

How can I stop being so judgmental and hard on myself?




Zesty Zen, Am I on the right career path? Is there something I could be doing for greater happiness with more money?

B and the Guides: Zesty Zen, It is a pleasure to connect with you here in the forum,

First you may want to inquire deep into your heart, “what do I desire most in my life at this time?” Maybe it will take a while for it to come up to the surface, continue to inquire until you receive a sign.

It is not important how you are going to create this new goal yet. Right now, it is most valuable to see the vision of what you want in your life. We will ask you some questions:

What would bring you the most satisfaction and feed your hunger and passion for life?

What would you enjoy doing with your time everyday?

What did you want to be when you were a child?

What makes you feel alive and energized?

After you get some ideas of what you want, now you may begin to write down some of the obstacles that are in your way. Writing them down is important so you can clear these obstacles out of your thought-forms in your Auric field.

What are the obstacles to your new life path? Do they feel familiar to you? Do they feel like something you have inherited from your family? Are some obstacles created from fears or guilt?

Whatever the obstacles to your new dreams are, they can be shifted into successes. They are just negative energies that are stuck in a pattern. You can bring a lighter energy into them with your enthusiasm and excitement for your new life desires and plans. Making a map of what you want in your life will inspire you to feel alive with joy and anticipation.

You may be interested in the video classroom: WHO AM I? Find Your Life Path With Self-Inquiry – http://youtu.be/ydQtkTswe-8

Zesty Zen:  I really love that line, “What would bring you the most satisfaction and feed your hunger and passion for life?” It brings me to my favorite quote lately… “We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us” ~ Joseph Campbell

B and Guides: As we hear the voices of your Great Grandmothers,  “We see the word “career” does not resonate high on your “desire meter” at this stage of your life.
Your cultural imprints are very strong in this lifetime. Cultivating home, family, partnership, children is very important for you. Of course you could repattern this, no one is ever stuck with concrete energetic imprints. They can always be altered to produce new futures for you.

Search deep inside your own heart for what is most important to create in your life now? What would be a true success to you now in this time of your life?

We look forward to hearing more from you in this forum as you discover your Hearts Desire!

With great Love and respect for you on your path,

B and the Guides